海の魔法レストラン MAGIC OCEAN

Recruitment Information

◆Company Employee◆

Occupation: Performer, general operations (employee and sales)

Duties: Eligible for appearances at Magic Ocean, traveling shows, etc. (experience not required), other

Duty station: Okinawa

Working hours: 16:00〜24:30

Salary: Monthly salary 180,000 yen or more

Welfare programme: Completion of the reorganization of the year 2, maintenance, social insurance

◆Part-time Job◆

Duties: Customer service, kitchen, drinker, magic show assistant, etc.

Working hours: 17:00〜24:00

       Hours and days negotiable (those who can work on weekends and holidays are welcome)

Salary: From 1,000 yen (training period: 900 yen)

    Salary increases as needed based on ability

Treatment: Uniforms provided, employee discounts

Person in charge: MAGIC OCEAN Manager Miyamoto(098-989-4320)